Prairie Weather

Warmer temperatures prevailed overnight is Alberta as a major system moves into the province today. Temperatures in southern Alberta are in the low teens and even northern areas are above the freezing mark. The warm temperatures will result in precipitation falling mostly in the form of rain today, with the heaviest amounts expected in the northern areas of Alberta. Eastern regions of the Prairies are still cold with overnight lows in the -5C to -10C range. The warm temperatures will quickly disappear tonight in Alberta as the rain turns to snow. Overnight low temperatures are expected to move back to the -5C to -10C range by tomorrow. The system will move across the Prairies on the weekend, bringing light to moderate snowfall to Manitoba and Saskatchewan on Saturday.

Long term forecasts have finally turned on the temperature front, with warmer than normal values expected in Alberta from November 16th to 23rd. Temperatures in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are expected to be close to normal for the same period.